Link between Gum Disease and Cancer

A recent US study has shown a clear link between gum disease and cancer.

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Causes of Bad Breath

According to the HSE, 50% of people have persistent bad breath. You may not have noticed it before, however, with more and more people wearing face masks during Covid-19, it might be more noticeable to you now. To eliminate bad breath, it is important to understanding the cause of your bad breath, as there are …

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Keeping your teeth in good health during Covid-19

Keeping your teeth in top shape requires a good oral hygiene routine. It is especially important now, as it is not as easy to get to your dentist at the moment. Although we are open for emergency cases and limited number of other patients, here are a few areas to work on that will help …

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How medications affect your oral health

When we think of the factors that affect our oral hygiene we often consider food, how often you brush your teeth, and whether you floss or not. However, we rarely take into account how medications affect your oral health. If you are currently taking any medication, it is really important to talk to your dentist …

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Gum Disease Treatment

How to treat Gum Disease? Home Care If you are seeing the early signs of gum disease (gingivitis), we recommend seeing your dentist for some professional advice. Gingivitis can be reversed if caught in time. There are some steps you can take at home that may be able to reduce the problems you are facing. …

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Electric vs Manual Toothbrushes

Pros and Cons of an Electric Toothbrush Pros ✔️ There is a higher compliance rate with electric toothbrushes. This is usually due to the timer feature on an electric toothbrush, which tells you how long you have been brushing for. The optimum time for brushing your teeth is 2 minutes. Ease of use – electric …

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6 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes Revealed

Not Brushing your Teeth Long Enough You may think you are brushing your teeth for a long period of time. However, have you actually timed it? The correct length of time you should spend brushing your teeth is two minutes. You will be surprised at how long this feels, but is essential to clean all …

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Smoking and Periodontal Disease

What is the connection between smoking and periodontal disease? Smoking is widely known to have an adverse effect on your general health. When we think of smoking and its impact on your health, we usually think of lung cancer. However, smoking also has a part to play in several diseases of the mouth. Let’s look …

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Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2019

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day 2019 is on Wednesday, September 18th. This will be its 10th year running. This campaign aims to promote awareness of mouth cancer, its causes, and how to reduce your risk of getting it. This year, we are trying to highlight the importance of early diagnosis. Early diagnosis greatly improves your chance …

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